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The course is open!
We are on summergreens.

By car:
On Rügen drive from Stralsund on the B 96 in the direction of Sassnitz, later in the direction of Cape Arkona. Drive through Sagard and Bobbin. After Bobbin turn right in the direction of Bisdamitz - Lohme. Now drive through Bisdamitz and Blandow. Turn left behind Blandow towards Lohme. Behind the exit Lohme you can find on the left hand side your destination - Hotel Schloss Ranzow.
Of course you can also choose the route via Sassnitz and through the national park. Drive through Sassnitz, the national park and Hagen. In Nipmerow turn right towards Lohme. After approx. 1 km you will see Ranzow Castle on your right.

Attention! At the moment some construction sites make life difficult for us and you:
First, the B 96 between Bergen and Sagard is closed. From Bergen look for the detour over Prora.

Furthermore, the road from Sassnitz to Lohme is closed beginning at September 2018 until the end of May. Please turn left at the ferry terminal Mukran and drive via Sagard to Lohme.

By the way, the Wittow ferry is another alternative to all this. From Samtens follow the "relief route Cape Arkona".